Ongoing Support

The Best Beauticians Deserve Their Own Salons & You Deserve to Offer them the Best Investment

Optima Salon Studios is revolutionizing the future of the salon industry. We have adapted a totally new concept in Salon management and ownership. Change is a fact of life, for individuals as well as entire industries. However, the beauty salon industry has actually made very few changes in the past 25 years that significantly change the way business is done.

Most all salons still operate the same way – rent space, hire contract salon professionals, and conduct business as usual. The big issue with this approach is that the major problems still exist. The major problem in salons today is two-fold: managing contract beauticians and managing people. Optima Franchising Corporation’s concept eliminates these two problems and allows for a smoother and more profitable operation with almost no investment by the beauticians to own his to her business.

The totally unique approach of Optima Salon Studios is that we provide high impact, modern, and upscale rental space in a “Salon Suite Mall” concept that allows salon professionals the opportunity to have their own business and make more money without the risks and challenges of owning a conventional salon… all for about the same rate as a chair rental.
This concept has proven to be very successful and lucrative. Optima Salon Studios has opened 10 locations with all either fully occupied or steadily increasing in tenancy all throw Southern California, see locations, and we are opening many more inside Simon Malls, Next to Large Supermarkets and in most prime shopping center locations.

Market Research and Financing Power

Optima Salon Suites Franchising has its own in-house market research team and we work with most powerful real estate team around the country to locate the best locations and proposals around to offer to our franchises, Optima Salon Suites Franchising offers it’s own financing to prospective franchises owners to open a new or additional location with our ongoing support.

The Best of 2 Markets

Imagine having your own business in 2 of the hottest markets today! The first part of the winning combination is managing your rentals of beautifully designed, highly plush suites for salon professionals. The salon industry has always been very stable and leading in growth. Today’s consumer demands quality, value, service, and convenience from a trusted brand. In our segment of the industry, where the small, independent operators find it difficult to start a business because of the cost, we are a welcome concept.

With us, you become part of this $75 BILLION industry! And the best part is that you do not have the major problem of managing people. You simply lease the space to salon professionals – they manage their businesses and you only give them your best management service under our guideline.

The second market that comprises Optima Salon Studios is the real estate rental market. Over just a few short years, Optima Salon Studios has already risen to be the top national operator of salon studios in the country. Optima Salon Studios’ success is one of quiet diligence and clear focus. It’s the result of an experienced team that capitalizes on its cumulative knowledge of retail and real estate to constantly find new opportunities – to acquire and build its portfolio, to improve and increase its performance, and to grow and build value for its franchises.

This growth and strength is a testament to our approach and the viability of our markets. The real estate rental market is the perhaps largest market out there, and when you combine it with a $50 Billion-dollar industry, it is a profitable combination.

What’s in It for You?

Our TOTAL Support
From vast real estate and franchise experience Optima Salon Studios understands the importance of a support structure for the franchisee – not just at the beginning of the business relationship but throughout the many years that it evolves.

A Optima Salon Studio franchisee receives support across many fronts, from initial site selection, through design and construction and the establishment of our Salon Property Management System and tenant database systems to tenant marketing and operating your business. All our franchisees receive comprehensive training, support and guidance in all aspects of ‘franchise life’ and are regularly updated.

What We Are Looking For

We are seeking qualified individuals to become Optima Salon franchisees either for single or multiple franchises locations. We are looking for individuals with a Demonstrated ability to lead and have good business sense and a track record of success in whatever they are doing. A business, real estate, or salon background is not necessary.

The Right Opportunity

You can now take control of your future and grow your own business. Spend more time with your family and enjoy financial freedom. Work smarter and not harder – most locations can be run by absentee owners.

An OPTIMA Salon Suites Franchise

  1. Salon Suites are the future in the Salon Industry
  2. Over 900,000 licensed salon professionals in the U.S alone
  3. Absentee owner opportunity – most locations run themselves
  4. Much lower investment than many franchise opportunities
  5. OPTIMA Financing available OAC for up to $500,000.00
  6. Recession resistant industry
  7. Rewarding business opportunity
  8. Protected territories by City, Zip Code or Distance
  9. Option to own multi location at a lower investment
  10. Low “Flat Rate” royalty and marketing fee
  11. 3 Months “By-Pass Payment” for all new Franchises
  12. You can keep your current job – “IF YOU DECIDE TO”

OPTIMA Salon Suites Support

  1. Site Selection and lease negotiations
  2. Upscale Design and Décor assistance
  3. Assistance with Architects, Engineers and Contractors
  4. Assistance with Tenant Application, Lease Contract and Payment Processing
  5. Vendor assistance in all areas of your business including ongoing service
  6. Marketing System to fill location with Salon Professionals and tenants
  7. Corporate Marketing to promote your location
  8. You control local Social Media Marketing
  9. Turnkey business operation and support
  10. Complete training at our Beverly Hills location
  11. Ongoing unlimited support and assistance