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Beauty, Wellness Experts & Our Ongoing Support

At Optima Salon Suites, we provide the framework and structure to help you launch your business while you concentrate on growing your client base, network, skills & income.

Optima Salon Suites is a unique business opportunity concept offering individual salon suites to beauty professionals, providing the professional the benefits of a large luxury salon suite at affordable rates. The concept began in 2005 with its first executive office suite in city of Irvine, California, with planned and existing locations across southern California, by the end of 2018, Optima Salon Suites is rapidly expanding its national reach.

Our locations are well positioned in strategic markets to attract some of the most talented and well-known beauty and wellness professionals and their clientele in that area. Each salon offers on average 30 leased salon suites, each customized to the needs of the stylist or professional. Our business opportunity owners do not need any experience in the health and beauty industries and may be able to operate the business on a minimal part time basis or absentee.

Each salon suite offers a mix of beauty services attracting a variety of professionals including but not limited to:

  1. Hair stylists
  2. Colorists
  3. Skincare professionals
  4. Nail professionals
  5. Massage therapists
  6. Acupuncturists
  7. Makeup artists
  8. Jewelry & other retail providers
  9. And more.

Optima Salon Suites locations typically offer 25-40 suites, averaging between 100-150 square feet per suite. Optima Salon Suites has standardized the color palette and design of each location to create a consistent brand. The salon professionals are able to customize their space from a specified color palette and by adding décor such as shelving, mirrors, photos, etc.

The salon suite concept was developed as a natural progression in the evolution of the Salon Professional becoming independent. First, most salon professionals begin their career at a “traditional” salon earning commissions on the work performed. Their hours and commissions are fixed during their tenure at the salon location. From the commission-based salon, the professionals were offered “chair rentals” where the salon owner charged a weekly or monthly fee for the professional to work at the salon. In addition, the professional was required to work a minimum number of hours per week and was required to pay for a proportionate share of supplies. The Salon Suite Concept is the final step in the evolution of the salon professionals from Salon stylist to Salon owner…thus giving the professional independence in their careers.

What makes us Suite?

According to the Professional Beauty Association, the health and beauty industry is over $85 billion in the U.S. The industry has realized steady growth over the last decade, with a 78% increase in the non-employer sector and a double in sales for the non-employer sector. Professionals are seeking out opportunities to offer their services independently and Optima Salon Suites offers the perfect solution.

Optima Salon Suites business opportunity will offer locations carefully planned and selected to highlight the following attributes to each salon professional for occupying their salon:

  1. Curb appeal – Each location will encompass several criteria specified by Optima Salon Suites and placed in demographically advantageous areas to maximize the available client base which correlates directly with the number of experienced salon professionals in an area.
  2. Professional atmosphere – All professionals are required to be current on all state licenses and insurance. The design is common throughout with an emphasis on luxury and quality. All locations are routinely maintained to ensure cleanliness and a high degree of sanitation.
  3. Common area – Each location includes a reception or waiting area, break room, wide hallways to create an open feel, large comfortable restrooms, luxurious and modern décor, custom art work, soft background music and directional signage to assist the client in locating their salon professional.
  4. Layout and design – Great attention has been given to ensure each tenant can immediately start their business. Each suite includes ample cabinetry for storage, vanity color sink, back wash shampoo bowl for cosmetologist, appropriate treatment table for spa services, styling chair, dryer, and comfort mat.
  5. Ample parking – During operating hours, each location may generate hundreds of customer trips throughout the day. A Suite Salon’s site selection criteria will ensure customers have convenient access to parking.
  6. After-hours entry – A locked entrance operated by an intercom system aids in ensuring a secure workplace and allows stylists to set their own hours and access the common area and individual suite.

How it Works

Optima Salon Suites offers a simple revenue model. The primary source of revenue comes from the leasing of the individual suites. A business opportunity may offer a suite ranging from $245 to $499+ per week. Additional revenues may be generated from ancillary services such as extra cleaning services, reception and appointment services.

As our brand continues to grow, our newer locations have realized 25% to 50% leased occupancy within the first 3 to 6 months of a grand opening announcement. We provide professional marketing support and more importantly, location selection assistance to make sure your location is perfect for your market.

Ongoing tenant assistance

  1. New tenant credit application processing
  2. New tenant “DocuSign” lease processing
  3. Tenant monthly rent collection
  4. Tenant monthly notice and rent reminders
  5. Payment processing to you on monthly terms

Finding the Suite Spot: Location assistance

Optima Salon Suites affiliates have over 35 years of combined experience in commercial development, leasing, and property management. After a site is identified as a potential location, together, we will review the feasibility to include the following:

  1. Demographics of current market
  2. Market trends
  3. Seasonal fluctuations
  4. Competition – direct and indirect

Lastly, once we have satisfied the requirements of finding the proper location, we will then work side by side with you during the lease negotiation process and assist you and your legal consultant in procuring the best possible, long-term lease arrangement to help protect your investment.

Optima Salon Suites has assembled a team of experienced professionals who can assist in site location, design, architectural, permitting and construction.


Our training program will take place at our corporate location in Mission Viejo, California as well as at your own location. The training will take place over three days at our Mission Viejo Mall location and 1-2 days at your site and as outlined below.

New business owner will spend 3 days at our corporate location in Mission Viejo, California as they learn all the aspects of running a Suite Salon. You will gain valuable training on the day-to-day operations and the procedures outlined in the operating manual.

Time will be spent in the classroom to review marketing strategies, initial contact with prospects, closing prospects, collecting reservation deposits, and reviewing and signing leases.

We will assist you to prepare for your grand opening. Subsequently, we will then spend a day and a half at your location during your opening week, helping you put into place everything you learned.

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Over the course of your training, you will learn all aspects of the business including:

  1. Site development
  2. Advertising & Marketing
  3. Management & Personnel
  4. Record keeping & Computer systems
  5. Site Maintenance
  6. General Operations

Marketing & Support

As you learn more about Suite Salon’s business opportunity, you will learn about our creative and effective marketing programs. Our marketing program is comprised of, email and direct mail campaigns, grand opening and events centered on leasing your suites with reputable, well-known health and beauty professionals.

Business Opportunity and Characteristics

Optima Salon Suites would be ideal for a person who is a savvy entrepreneur. Existing business opportunity and have often come from real estate, investment banking, sales, marketing, project management or C-level corporate backgrounds, though this type of experience isn’t necessary. New business owners are not expected to work at their location every day and the concept is often appealing to an absentee owner or foreign investor.

Strengths of the Business

The strengths of the business opportunity are as follows:

  1. Little to no employees necessary
  2. No equipment other than provided in the suites
  3. No inventory other than supplies
  4. Full training included
  5. Ongoing support included
  6. Absentee owner operator

For more information on available territories or to submit an application for business opportunity ownership, please contact us by filling out the form on this page or emailing us at

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