Frequently Asked Questions “FAQ”

Q: How dose an OPTIMA Salon Suites Franchise Makes Money?

Let’s begin with how our SALON Suite franchise owners make money ……….

*** Rental Income and You Should be Good at Property Management ***

“We are here to help and we can, but you should make the first move”

Q: What is the cost of opening an OPTIMA Salon Suites franchise?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of an OPTIMA SALON SUITES® franchised business ranges from $454,500 to $941,000.

Q: How long does it take for an application to be pre-approved?

The application process usually takes 1 to 3 day once we receive our completed confidential application.

Q: If we do not have a location, will you get one for us?

Though we make no guarantees on locations, OPTIMA Salon Suites has a team of experienced Real Estate Professionals that will assist you throughout the location selection process, they will help you select the site as well as negotiate the lease.

Q: What is the monthly cost of the building for the suites?

Real estate costs depend on location, size, visibility, economic conditions, accessibility, competitive market conditions, and the type of ownership interest you are buying. Rent or purchase price is normally considerably higher in large metropolitan areas than in more suburban or small-town areas.

Q: How much income will the suites generate? How long is the ROI?

A: In accordance with FTC franchise law, we are unable to provide this information or any kind of assumption on this matter.

Q: How long will it take to open a store?

A: Once a location is secured and the construction permit has been issued, construction usually takes 12-15 weeks.

Q: Do you provide training?

A: Yes, OPTIMA Salon Suites will provide initial training, ongoing training, and ongoing support as deemed needed.

Q: What about a website to support my store?

A: You will benefit from OPTIMA Salon Suites National Consumer website as part of your monthly Marketing and Technology Fund Fee which also contains each franchisee’s individual Micro-Site and our Smart OPTIMA App, the purpose of the National Consumer website is to establish and promote the OPTIMA Salon Suites brand to attract retail business for our franchisees. Visitors to the website will encounter the Franchisee Location Finder, allowing them to find the OPTIMA Salon Suites nearest to them. You will be provided your own individual, personalized location Micro-Site and Smart OPTIMA App for your franchise. You will be able to add information for each salon suite owner and they will also have access to make changes to their profiles.

Q: Are there any OPTIMA Salon Suites locations already in the U.S.?

A: There are currently 10 salon suites across Southern California, United States with an additional 50 in planning. Please contact us to arrange a visit at your convenience to see our concept first-hand and understand why we’re such a unique, exciting concept in salon suites.

Q: What OPTIMA Salon Suites will do for you with your help?

A: Below is a short list of some of the parameters that must be taken into consideration for a successful project and we are here to help and see your success year after year.

Initial Analysis

  1. Business plan
  2. Pro forma analysis
  3. Net worth requirements
  4. Competitive/market analytics
  5. Timing, timing, timing…
  6. Financing on OAC.
  7. Regulatory issues
  8. The No. 1 thing you MUST avoid

Site selection

  1. The single most important location criterion
  2. Concept-specific Building Specification
  3. Demographic requirements
  4. Space requirements
  5. Access and parking (maybe not obvious but a major issue)
  6. Utility requirements and availability

Lease parameters

  1. Structure – Maximize to your advantage
  2. Letter of Intent/Building Specification
  3. Commercial lease terms
  4. How much leverage do you have?

Facility design – Make or break?

  1. How large should suites be (minimum dimensions)?
  2. Design & develop for maximum efficiency
  3. Design trade-offs (How much is enough or too much?)
  4. Amenities to offer
  5. How much HVAC is really required?
  6. Hot water is a very big deal. How much is enough?
  7. Details, details, details…
  8. Design for remote facility management


  1. Construction Management
  2. Contractor Pre-qualifying (Requirements)
  3. Managing the Bid Process
  4. Scheduling and timing: How long should this take?
  5. How much should it cost?


  1. How are tenants found and identified?
  2. Getting the message out: what works, what doesn’t?
  3. How long can you expect it to take to fill your facility?
  4. How can you fill your facility before opening your doors?


  1. Best practices manual
  2. Year-round cash flow management
  3. Remote facility management – you need this
  4. Winning the thermostat wars – it can be done
  5. Online presence and social media on our Smart OPTIMA App
  6. Maintenance issues
  7. Pricing, programs, and incentives
  8. Dealing with the deadbeats
  9. Industry turnover rates
  10. Insurance needs (operator and tenants)
  11. Regulatory issues – start up and ongoing
  12. Collecting rent: 100% on time, 1% effort
  13. Sub-lease structure and requirements
  14. Bookkeeping guidance
  15. Winning website design and support

Note: Some of the options above might have additional charge and fees.

Salon Suite industry growth – It has been estimated that roughly 35-40% of all cosmetology professionals are currently operating independent of a traditional salon facility, but if industry growth continues, that number is expected to increase to 85% within the next five years. The vast majority of these independent operators will be salon suites tenants, so the long-term opportunity for suites developers is outstanding, for more information please use our contact us or call 949 377 2277 to speak with one our representative.

The Salon Suites Business Opportunity – Semi-Passive and Profitable. … While they may not get any walk-ins, they also do not have to split their income on each hair cut or service with the salon owner. Instead, they pay a monthly rent for their own distinct suite, which is walled off.